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CORI-FILL is Faster and More Accurate than Weighing Scales

Bronkhorst is offering a modern alternative to the gravimetric or weighing scale method of dosing additives, fragrances, flavours and colourants. This alternative promises shorter processing times, better product results and improved working atmospheres. Our latest CORI-FILL compact fluid dosage assembly, which combines an extremely accurate CORI-FLOW or mini CORI-FLOW flowmeter with a suitable valve or pump, is capable of dosing the exact amount of fluid, whilst multiple instruments can be used for the simultaneous dosing of compounds.

CORI-FILL is suitable for a wide range of batching, blending, dosing, filling and sterilisation applications, at flow rates between 0.4 g/h and 600 kg/h. Aimed at the food & beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, contact lens and life sciences industries, it has a compact footprint and requires no complex programming of additional hardware.

With CORI-FILL technology, you can dose the precise amount of compound into the collecting vessel, with just a brief reset command to start the next batch. The Coriolis direct mass measurement method eliminates volumetric variation caused by changing temperatures, viscosities and densities of the ingredients. As a result, the CORI-FLOW method is faster, more repeatable and more accurate than weighing scales and product results are better, due to less evaporation of volatile fluids.

Moreover, it is possible to dose a number of fluid additives simultaneously, using multiple CORI-FILL instruments, leading to shorter production times, with no intermediate zeroing procedures that are required of weighing scales. The amounts to be dosed can be easily pre-set by digital communications, and the working atmosphere is also improved, as there is no dosing of additive into open storage vessels, of the kind needed for weighing scales.

CORI-FILL assemblies are offered with a choice of CORI-FLOW instruments, for flow rates between 50 g/h to 600 kg/h, or the highly compact mini CORI-FLOW series, for capacities from 50  mg/h up to 300 kg/h. Either instrument type can be combined with a shut-off valve, for short batch sequences down to <2 milliseconds, a proportional valve, for longer dosing times >5 seconds, or a gear pump, for dosing without the need for pressurised vessels. The flowmeter’s on-board PID controller is optimised for controlling the valve or pump, for an instant start to dosing duties. Accuracy is 0.5% or better for mass dosing and 1% for volume.

Thanks to a small footprint, the CORI-FLOW or mini CORI-FLOW instrument is able to be mounted close to the valve or pump, which minimises the internal pipework volume and results in fast response times, down to <0.3 sec, and a reduced risk of gas enclosure in the tubing, potentially causing delay effects.


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