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Directors of Bronkhorst High-Tech receive Royal Decoration

The mayor of the city of Ruurlo-Berkelland, Mrs. A.Z. Evenhuis-Meppelink bestowed the decoration upon Mr. Bruggeman and Mr. Jouwsma after a laudatory speech and informed them of their new titles; ‘Knight of the order of Oranje Nassau’ (this is in the name of the Royal Dutch family).

Mr. Bruggeman (65) and Mr. Jouwsma (61) were co-founders of Bronkhorst High-Tech BV in 1981. The company is an international leader in the field of development and production of measurement and control equipment based upon electronic sensors. Bronkhorst, with 170 employees, is the largest employer in Ruurlo and the manufacturing of component parts is contracted to companies in the Achterhoek region.

Bronkhorst High-Tech has branch offices in Veenendaal (NL), England, France, Switzerland and Germany, and is currently establishing a new sales and service office in the USA.

Mr. Bruggeman, having reached the age of 65 on the 7th of May, has played a pivotal role in the success of Bronkhorst High-Tech and employment in Ruurlo and Achterhoek region. Furthermore, in 1985 he received the King Willem-I Award for young successful enterprise and is still dedicatedly active within the MKB Nederland (entrepreneurs organisation).

Mr. Jouwsma was also honoured for his contribution to the success of the company and the regional employment. Furthermore he was commended for his role in the Dutch “knowledge-economy”. From 1993 to 2003 Mr. Jouwsma was a member of the Board of Programmatical Advice of TNO TPD (Dutch institute for Applied Physics) and, due to his contribution, TNO TPD could develop into a market oriented institute. Like Mr. Bruggeman, Mr. Jouwsma also received the King Willem-I Award in 1985 and is active within the MKB Nederland.

In 2004 Queen Beatrix and Minister of Economics Mr. Brinkhorst attended Bronkhorst High-Tech for a working visit. This resulted from the dedicated work of Mr. Jouwsma for the Dutch Innovation Platform; a committee also attended by the Dutch Prime Minister Mr. Balkenende.

The festivities on the 12th of May commenced in the morning with an “open house” for all the guests at the Headquarters of Bronkhorst High-Tech BV in Ruurlo. The afternoon program started with an impressive laser show in the party hall and continued with speakers including the Mayor and Mr. C. Buijink, General Director of the Ministry of Economics, who activated the newly developed micro-assembly system.

During the previous day, 11th May, the company activities had already started with a large International Sales Meeting held at the Hotel Scheperskamp in Lochem. During the evening there was a diner at the Hotel Bakker in Vorden, with all the participants of the meeting together with a number of other special invitees. All enjoyed the performance of a.o. pianist Cor Bakker and opera singer Ernst Daniel Smid, however, the evening was crowned by Mrs. Bruggeman surprising her husband by singing a duet with Mr. Smid. Their performance of Bing Crosby’s ‘True love’ visibly touched Mr. Bruggeman.

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