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Thank you for downloading Bronkhorst FlowWare.

Installation instruction for Internet Explorer users


Below you find a short instruction how to install Bronkhorst® FlowWare on your Windows computer. The screenshots are made in Windows 7 and therefore may differ slightly from windows 8. In the example below you will see the installation steps for FlowDDE. These steps are the same for all Bronkhorst® software tools.

Saving the file with Internet Explorer

After clicking on the download, Internet Explorer will ask you if you wish to 'Run'  the installer or to 'Save' the file on your computer. When you choose Run, the installer will start to install the Bronkhorst software. When you choose save the installer will be saved on your computer. By clicking on the small black arrow next to the word 'Save' you can click on 'Save as' for saving the file on a different location.

When you click 'Save as' you can choose the location you prefer the file to be saved in. In the example below the location chosen is the Desktop.

If you can't remember where you've put the file you can always click on the setup-icon at the right top of the browser window and click on View downloads. You can also press Ctrl+J to open the downloads window of Internet Explorer. 

In the downloads list you will see the file you just downloaded. by clicking on "Run" the installation process will start.

Installing the FlowWare application

After double clicking the installation file the installer window will be opened. You need to agree with the terms in the License Agreement before you can click on the install button. 

The installation process will start automatically after you press 'Install'. At any time during the installation you can abort this process by clicking on the 'Cancel' button.

After the installation is succesfully completed Click on the 'Finish' button to close the FlowWare installer.

To open the software tool in windows 7 (in this case FlowDDE) you can go to the Windows Start button. Click on 'All programs' and scroll down to the 'Bronkhorst' folder. Open it and you will find the installed software tool.

To open the software tool in Windows 8 go to the start screen and click on the down arrow on the left side at the bottom of the start screen. You will be shown all programs that are installed on you computer. Look for the Bronkhorst FlowWare software tool you just installed by scrolling to the right.

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